I am a marketer and entrepreneur. I am currently Head Of Digital at Proto Thema. I have helped companies like Jeep, Peugeot, Citroen, RedBull and hundreds of others acquire more customers, build brand awareness, and grow their businesses.

Before I take you on as a client, I want you to read below, because they’re the results you can expect


Zinet-Sofia Chaidopoulou
Acquisition Marketing & Partner Onboard Project Manager at Google

“Being a Business Development Manager at Google, had the opportunity to work closely with Nikos for more than 2 years in various projects. A very talented and skilled individual, with an eye for detail and able grasp new trending concepts and pursuit unique opportunities when spotted.

Working with him on pre-election campaigns for a Greek political party, I came to experience first-hand his deep knowledge of the online advertising ecosystem, competition analysis and vision for success. ”

Panos Pachatouridis
Strategic Partnerships at Google

“The sporadic nature of any project-based culture demands quick ramp ups, sharp learning curves, & instantaneous turn-arounds. Nikos has proved extremely well-equipped to deal with ambiguity & operate at his best under high-stress and deliver results. Nikos has a mind for marketing, from Growth Hacking to Branding & SEO to Distribution”

Eleni Tsimi Giannikou
Program Manager at Microsoft

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Nikos on a joint project between msn.gr portal and Protothema.gr.

From the very moment, Nikos stood up to the challenge, showed professionalism and delivered! Even when issues arose beyond the original specifications, Nikos quick-wittedness allowed him to adapt to the changes instantly.”

Kyprianos Vasilopoulos
Senior Security Consultant at FortConsult | Part of NCC Group

“I have worked with Nikos in number of Projects. I was always impressed with his passion. His marketing prowess is only exceeded by his entrepreneurial drive and his willingness to go the extra mile not just for himself, but for his clients, colleagues, and friends.”