Content marketing may be bigger than ever, but marketers need to be strategic and adaptive in how they carry out their content strategies. Content anddata are the important components flowing across the digital, social and mobile web. So content will becometargeted and more personal!

Social media and email marketing will need to become more sophisticated to reach an increasingly wary audience, and will come to be seen as amplifiers of distribution for content strategies.

  1. Budgets shift out of paid promotion, “through” social and into owned media
  2. TV advertising budgets will decline by more than 10%
  3. Video will play a larger role in content strategy
  4. Banner ads (less mobile) will start to decline
  5. Content marketers will become more sophisticated when it comes to email marketing
  6. Budgets for content marketing across most industries will reach new record-highs
  7. Brands will recognize the role of editor as the missing link to true content marketing effectiveness.
  8. Employees will be tapped for their expertise and encouraged to contribute to brand-owned media