If you are into social media (as a user, manager etc.) then you should have noticed the rise of video broadcasting, be it live or not. A new broadcasting ecosystem is on the rise taht will have a strong impact in digital content marketing.You can see more often than ever new video apps emerging, new ways to edit live video on the fly while at the same time existing services and sites focus more and more on documenting.

Let’s take Snapchat’s feature called Stories as well as similar functionalities of Facebook and Instagram as a living example of what is heading our way. There is a big hype around Stories that is shifted from just a video shared among friends to a marketing tool and in the case of media an actual professional scope.

Live streaming is adding a journalistic broadcasting element to content. An element that helps switching from static content to a “living” creation.

However, realizing this shift you have to consistent and use it on a steady basis. Doing it once or twice just to show that you are keeping up with what’s trending it’s not going to be fruitful.

Although there are many good uses for documenting, you can start with the ideas below and see what works well for your business:

– Q&A or FAQ answering. Reddit and Twitter work well but Stories-like features work even better. This gives you a live interaction with your audience and increases engagement.

– Holding mini webinars or interviews. They offer value to your audience.

– Use broadcasting to tell a story. People love a good story.

– Give a member of your team a camera to record a day of his life. This way you create a strong human bond between your brand and your followers. You breathe life to your business, brand, service.

Basically, there is not an actual limit in ideas of what you can do. However, always keep in mind to produce original content that will empower your content marketing strategy.

Furthermore, documenting gives you the chance to become more worth consuming while at the same time you can repurpose it as a great long-form content. Use your stories to create appealing content to drive traffic.

Finally, if you are not yet convinced that documenting is the next big thing then have a look at the numbers below:

– Facebook has 8 billion daily video views (techcrunch.com)

– Snapchat users watch 6 billion videos every day (brandwatch.com)

– Youtube: There are 3.25 billion hours of video watched each month (brandwatch.com)

– 78% of people watch online videos every week, 55% watch every day (brandwatch.com)