Content marketing is more than advertising. Content is about who you are rather than a selling pitch. In today’s digital world people are overwhelmed with advertisements. This means that businesses struggle to get their message across especially with traditional advertising methods (i.e. banners).

This is when content marketing steps in. Text, imagery and video come together to provide useful, valuable information to people searching for certain information. “Anyone under the age of 40 right now discovers a business for the first time by either: (A) Google searching or (B) finding their content on social media.”

In both cases you need good quality content in order to reach (and make conversions) your audience. And you do not only need high quality content you also need a lot of it!

6 reasons that content marketing is so valuable

The rewards of a good content marketing strategy are many and vary depending on your business. But we can certainly pick out some that are really worth mentioning.

Targeted leads: Useful content produces higly targeted leads. People coming to your business (be it online or not) come from a targeted source. Customers that come to your page directly are more valuable that those coming from an ad. This means that people first read about your business and then proceed to actually coming to it.

Brand loyalty: Content builds trust. And trust gives a reason to customers to come back and refer your business to others. Worthwhile information gives a reason to clients to invest their time on your business. However, you need to publish content on a regular basis and in a consistent way. There is not any magic recipe that will tell you how often to produce content but you need to find it out yourself depending on your besinees and audience.

Authority: Quality delivered content in a timely manner gives your brand an authority staus over your subject. Users make the connection between your business and what they are looking for. It is proven that customers first read about what tey are interested in before they proceed buying. They need to have built a trust and then make a purchace.

Content endures: Actually GOOD content endures. Good content has a long lasting effect that endures through time. It is still discoverable, valuable and entices users to continue reading and seek out for more. In addition, Google itself rewards websites that feature quality content with improved ranking in search results. Even Facebook does the same, by “boosting” quality posts by pages to users’ feed.

Content is not intrusive: Banners, prestitials, expanding creatives, expanding mouseover video banners and many other ad formats somewhat intrusive. Most of the users nowadays have trained, so to say, themselves to ignore most of these formats. Thus, the advertising purpose is not fulfilled.

On the other hand, content not only is not intrusive but provides useful information and insights for users and customers. The user that comes to your business from content is more valuable since she consciously opted in and not by misclick.

Content cannot be ad-blocked: Taking into account that over 200M users use an ad blocker, content itself cannot be blocked. And since we are talking about quality content, consumers will want to interact with, which as we said makes it more effective and welcome.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that needs thorough research of your potential consumers, their needs and preferences. Like any other marketing course of action you need to be very careful in choosing your KPIs meaning the ones that are important for your business.

In conclusion, we could say that the two things that shape content marketing are technology and audience. Audience seems to have a slight edge since it’s the audience that decides what content format they prefer, where they hang out in the online world (mobile or desktop), it’s the audience that decides at the end of the day if our marketing strategy is successful or not. “The technology around content marketing – the platforms, the formats, the strategies – exist solely to engage our audiences.”

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