is once more ahead of the curve in the way it provides content to its newsreaders. We are the first Greek news site to activate Facebook Messenger Chatbot, giving you the ability to find news that interests you through a quick conversation.

The development and harnessing of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the greatest challenges in the world of technology today. It can streamline and simplify tasks and find numerous applications. One of those processes used via the Messenger is finding personalised news that is customised to your specific preferences and likes, instead of making you search through endless content on the web.

With this in mind, Proto Thema proves again that it is the Greek news site dedicated to innovation, far ahead of the rest of the news providers, by introducing the new Messenger app on Facebook, giving content consumers the ability to find news that interests them via a quick conversation.


The process is quite simple: After liking on Facebook, you start a conversation on Facebook via Messenger with, just like you would in a regular conversation with a friend on Facebook. For example, if you are interested in news about the ‘electoral law’, all you have to do is type in ‘electoral law’ in your conversation box and you will immediately receive a reply with links and a quick preview on that particular topic, including the most recent news regarding the changes or discussions on the electoral law.

If you want to narrow down your search even more, you simply add a word, for example a name of a political party, in order to receive that specific party’s actions and initiatives regarding the electoral law.   

The installation of additional applications is not required. Everything is done smoothly and naturally, just like a normal Facebook conversation. The new Messenger function, which Proto Thema has adopted first among the media in Greece, is based on ‘bots’, an abbreviation of the word ‘robots’, which is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The creator and owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has repeatedly predicted that the next big change in the digital world would be come through the development of AI systems. He has often spoken about the next steps of Facebook’s evolution, pointing out the current upgrade of Messenger into a service provider for services by third parties, besides written messaging and voice calls.